Above are all small dog pictures, along with Peer interactions from the Event.

What can we say, it was a wonderful day outside for this event. With a little bit of wind and a lot of sunshine, the event started at Noon. As the food came, so did all the dogs. Dogs and their owners piled in all dressed in costumes going from the Dutchess of Bristow to a farmer. Music blasted, laughter was among us, and new doggie friendships were made. We had hot dogs, baked beans, and deviled eggs for a small price, in which all went to benefit our lovely park. Pictures were taken throughout the day of all dogs and owners in costume and gatherings around the park. What an awesome way to enjoy the traditional Halloween holiday. If you missed out, be sure to check back and come to another one of our events! 

Along with that we just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all of our volunteers who helped us along the way, we couldn't do it without you guys. For more information on how to volunteer please go to our Contact Page.  


October 24, 2015

Above are all pictures of the big dogs from Event