With taking over the duties of the Park a little over a year ago, along with the new shelter building built. We thought it would be a good idea to get everyone together to enjoy some good cookins, let the dogs run and to Thank everyone who helped build the shelter. 

SO... that's what we did.

One of our volunteers decided to cook up some hamburgers and hot dogs. We had drinks and chips for everyone as well. It was a good all old time with live blue grass music and enjoyment for everyone including the dogs! 

All of the profits we made went directly to help the Park to help keep it running and so more things like the shelter can be built. What an awesome way to get to know all of our fellow dog park goers.  So, with all of that said please enjoy some of the photos that were taken. 

Volunteer and his Blue Grass Band

Little Dog Park, ready for people to enjoy some food. Along with the Chef's Zak and Jesus.

The Plaque for Shelter 

The Group of Volunteers (Going from left to right) Sandy, Leslie, Ben, Sky, Sonia, Zak, Jesus, Ellen, Ken and Kristin (Not Pictured)

1st Annual BBQ